Charter Fishing


Whether you would like to take your family, clients, employees, or friends out for a day on the water, we have a trip for you.  Below is a list of highlights and charter boat recommendations. Call each captain directly to inquire about rates and availability (boat sizes and rates may vary).

Seasonal Highlights

  • JANUARY: inshore: striped bass
  • FEBRUARY: inshore: striped bass
  • MARCH: inshore: striped bass offshore: sea bass/grouper/tile fish
  • APRIL: inshore: bluefish offshore: sea bass/grouper/tile fish
  • MAY: inshore: striped bass offshore: sharks/ tuna(late May)
  • JUNE: inshore: striped bass-until June 15th/ spadefish offshore: tuna/dolphin
  • JULY: inshore: spanish mackerel/cobia offshore: tuna/dolphin/marlin
  • AUGUST: inshore: spanish mackerel offshore: dolphin/marlin
  • SEPTEMBER: inshore: king mackerel offshore: tuna/dolphin/wahoo
  • OCTOBER: inshore: striped bass offshore: tuna/wahoo
  • NOVEMBER: inshore: striped bass offshore: tuna
  • DECEMBER: inshore: striped bass