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The Best Fishing Spots in Virginia Beach

Of all the marinas in Virginia Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf offers anglers the most central location to embark on their journey through the most coveted fishing spots in all of Virginia Beach. Our unique spot offers a entry point for a variety of fishing opportunities including freshwater fishing and exciting deep-sea expeditions. The allure is Virginia Beach is not just the promise of a satisfying catch, but also the creation of lifelong memories. Here are some of our top fishing locations in Virginia Beach:

Rudee Inlet

Closeup shot of a sea flounder fish that can be found in Virginia Beach

Rudee Inlet, situated along the southern end of the Virginia Beach oceanfront, is not just in a scenic location, but is also serves as a fishing goldmine. The inlet is a great place for anglers seeking diversity without having to go offshore. It is the most active spot in town for fisherman looking for flounder, sheepshead, and striped bass. Rudee Inlet also offers convenient access to to fishing charters and rental boats for fisherman of all skill levels.

Lynnhaven Inlet

Male brook trout in spawning colors in a landing net

After Rudy Inlet comes Lynnhaven Inlet, which also provides excellent fishing and a mixture of a freshwater and saltwater opportunities. Fisherman at the Lynnhaven Inlet can expect to have their bait taken by speckled trout, red drum, and flounder. Piers and boat ramps are strategically located for easy access to the inlet, while local bait shops are on hand for anything else one could want to make for the perfect fishing day.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT):

Aerial shot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at sunrise.

For those seeking the thrill of deep-sea fishing, the CBBT doubles as a marvel of marine engineering and as a fisherman’s paradise. Spanning 17.6 miles, this bridge and tunnel complex serves as a habitat for tautog, sea bass, and the striped bass. Built in 1964, the Bay Bridge Tunnel’s numerous pilings create a sort of artificial reef. This “reef” attracts a wide variety of fish and other sea life, making it one of the most unique fishing experiences in the area.

Back Bay

Fresh largemouth bass isolated on a white background

Located behind the ocean front, Back Bay is known for its quiet, easy-paced fresh water fishing. Largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish call this body of water home. The placid water and natural setting make Back Bay a great place to cast your line leisurely. Kayak fishing is especially big here with anglers wanting to work the narrow inlets and isolated spots on the water.

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

Catfish at the bottom of the river. Catfish portrait.

One of the easily accessible and family-friendly mainstays for local fishing opportunities is the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. Jutting into the Atlantic, this pier provides an opportunity for anglers to land croaker, king mackerel, and occasionally sharks without having to be taken out on a boat. The pier is ideal for a relaxed catch or to take in some of the ocean views and ambiance from the boardwalk.

Before your fishing trip, check the season and local reports to know what the fish are biting. Each spot has its peak times and preferred bait, so a little research can go a long way. Also, do consider the tides, as they can have a huge influence on your success, inlets and near the bridge especially.

Tips for the Best Fishing Experience

Gear Up Right: Make sure you have the right tackle for the type of fishing you’ll be doing. Local bait and tackle shops can offer advice and supplies.
Fishing License: Be sure to obtain a Virginia fishing license if you are planning to fish in these spots
Safety First: Make sure to check the weather ahead of your departure. Get yourself all the standard safety gear—especially in the case of open water.

From all of us at Fisherman’s Wharf Marina, we with you happy fishing! May your next trip be both fruitful and enjoyable.